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How It Works

Our ‘Machine Eye’ risk management platform uses Computer Vision AI to accurately identify and interpret the movement of humans around machinery in real time, and continually assess risks and hazards. This supports machine operators and businesses to reduce the risk associated with mobile machinery operations. Our technology recognises danger in a variety of situations, providing a more flexible and co-operative risk control process for a variety of industrial applications.

Thanks to our specialist hardware, fitted to mobile machinery,  the ‘Machine Eye’ platform provides invaluable ‘real time’ assistance to operators. This is displayed to the driver on the machinery monitor, notifying operators of the presence of people around the vehicle and of any potential impact through a visual alarm and aural buzzer. 

Alongside on vehicle hardware, our digital platform equips HSE professionals and managers to undertake continuous auditing of compliance and operations throughout the business, with key metrics and behaviours identified for early interventions, actions and reporting.

Use case of the Machine Eye system in a Quarry setting

Analytics Dashboard

Our analytic dashboard offers AI driven operational insights for safer and more compliant industrial sites.

Machine Eye risk areas around a tractor


123 workers were killed in work-related accidents in 2021/22 in the UK. (RIDDOR) We want to reduce this number to 0.

We have spent several years developing and perfecting our ‘Machine Eye’ technology, growing our team and deepening expertise in computer vision, automation, and high reliability industrial engineering. We have embarked on rigorous testing with a range of industry partners. 

And our systems have proven their value - delivering insights and actions that have made operations safer. Our platform has resulted in improved safety standards, operator training and development and significantly reduced operational down-time and costs for our partners.

‘Machine Eye’ provides the resources for the material processing, port, quarry, manufacturing and agriculture industries, and their OEMs to reduce risk and improve compliance. Our systems can be fitted to a variety of machinery such as forklifts, loading shovels, diggers and autonomous machines.

*Our technology massively improves vision for machine operators, + data and info reducing incidents and increasing productivity.

Machine Eye provides productivity efficiencies for businesses: from cost savings on recruitment and training, to reduced lost time and improved staff retention as employees feel valued and safer in the workplace.

Industrial Applications

Primary Industries are the most important businesses in the world, and some of the most dangerous.
Our computer vision platform, 'Machine Eye' helps optimise the use of mobile machinery, manage risks and improve compliance, leading to safer and smarter workplaces. We provide solutions for a variety of markets such as; Material Processing, Ports, Manufacturing, Quarries, OEMs and Agriculture.

Machine Eye is an essential technology in the development of autonomous off-highway vehicles. We help developers, OEMs and industry transition to an autonomous future.

Machine Eye is a risk management platform which uses edge computer vision and deep learning AI to continually assess risk in real time and accurately identify humans who are deemed to be at risk around a machine by understanding their likely interactions.

With unique, industry specific data, Machine Eye assists, informs and drives positive decision making to make dangerous off-highway industry, safer.

Machine Eye risk areas around a tractor


Forklift icon.

From small counterbalance machines, to large straddle carriers: forklifts present an ever present risk to operatives across your site.

Manage the risk of pedestrian collision with forklifts using Machine Eye systems to remove blind spots and improve compliance



Operators of Diggers and Excavators need visibility, support, and protection from collisions. We remove blind spots on diggers and excavators, and prevent the risk associated with operating these machines

Digger icon.

Loading Shovels

Wheeled loader icon.

Loading Shovels often operate in close proximity to operatives and pedestrians where the risk of collision is high. We provide increased visibility, remove blinds spots, and alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians on loading shovels to ensure safety across your site.

Tracking and reporting technologies allow you to optimise use of your loading shovel fleet no matter how small or large



Perception systems for autonomous machinery are key to enabling greater efficiencies and operations. We provide vision systems for autonomous tractors, autonomous forklifts and bespoke machines - designed for the primary industries.

We integrate to major systems, and work with your team to give your autonomous machine key vision and perception technology, quickly, and competitively.

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Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs)

Cogs icon.

Our platform can be integrated into in-vehicle control systems, for a seamless and integrated technology package. We support OEMs with the development of safer, more efficient machines using computer vision as the primary technology.

Whether it's additional visibility, human detection or other bespoke applications, Machine Eye can support OEMs with the delivery of solutions underpinned by computer vision.


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