Intelligent Safety

Powerful machines, long days and lone working often create environments that are dangerous for operators and others alike on agricultural and industrial sites.

Incidents involving accidental contact with machinery are all but too common. Agriculture is currently the UK’s most dangerous industry, with a fatality rate 20 times greater than the average of all others, with others primary industries like quarrying and logistics not far behind.

Machine Eye aims to reduce the likelihood and severity of these accidents, saving lives while making our industries with heavy mobile machinery safer for all.

Use case of the Machine Eye system in a Quarry setting

Machine Eye is designed to work alongside operators in creating a safer environment. It is an entirely automatic system which does not limit productivity or require intervention from an operator.

Machine Eye is like an airbag in a car -
it intervenes in the crucial seconds before an accident, to keep people safe.

Machine Eye is a risk management platform which uses edge computer vision and deep learning AI to continually assess risk in real time and accurately identify humans who are deemed to be at risk around a machine by understanding their likely interactions.

Should an unsafe interaction be likely, Machine Eye will automatically alarm, alert, or act to mitigate risk in a safe and efficient manner.

Machine Eye risk areas around a tractor

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