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Human Detection and Perception for Safer Machines

What we do

At Machine Eye, we have created an award winning intelligent system which derives data for informed decision making on off-highway vehicles. We are helping create safer environments for humans around heavy machinery, while becoming a cornerstone technology for the development of autonomous off-highway machines.
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Our Technology

We employ the latest deep learning AI techniques to identify humans in real-time and understand their likely interaction with a machine to  assist, inform and support decision making leading to safer, more efficient businesses.

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If you want become a key and trusted partner in developing the next generation of workplace safety technology, which will transform our industry and communities worldwide please get in touch.

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We are always looking for partnership, interesting people and opportunities. If you have any questions, would like to find out more about us, or understand how our intelligent perception systems can help your business, we would love to hear from you.

What we do

Machine Eye is an intelligent safety system for agricultural and industrial machinery harnessing the power of AI and computer vision to create safer workplaces. Our farms and sites are dangerous places, which often leads to some of the worst workplace accidents. At Machine Eye we are helping human and machine to co-operate, creating a safer environment for all.

Machine Eye acts as a safety net, providing automatic protection for everyone on a farm or site, regardless of whether they are a worker or bystander. By monitoring human and machine behaviour, Machine Eye acts ahead of time, identifying and preventing accidents before they've a chance to develop.

Our Technology

We employ the latest deep learning AI techniques to identify humans in real-time and understand their likely interaction with a machine. Knowing the context with which a machine interacts with its environment allows Machine Eye to understand where risk is occurring. Should an unsafe interaction be likely, Machine Eye will automatically alarm, alert, or act to mitigate risk in a safe and efficient manner. Machine Eye is a modern safety solution for modern machines. Machine Eye is an automatic system, designed to work corporately alongside operators in creating a safer environment.


Machine Eye is suitable for retrofitting to existing agricultural and commercial equipment


Machine Eye is an augmentive system, helping operators maintain productivity, in the safest manner possible

Machine Eye System Diagram showing where a person would be deemed at high risk


Machine Eye is an invaluable protection for operators, lone workers and bystanders. Machine Eye saves lives.


Machine Eye is a multi-award winning solution. It has been recognised internationally at some of the industries leading events, including winning the Innovation Awards at Ireland's National Ploughing Championships

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