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Ports are a high risk environment with continuous loading and unloading operations, mobile vehicle movement and adverse weather conditions. Being struck by a moving vehicle is a leading cause of injury and fatality in UK ports, representing 19% of all deaths over a year (Health and Safety Executive).

The Machine Eye risk management platform utilises deep learning AI to continually assess risks and hazards associated with mobile machinery usage in ports and accurately identify and interpret the movement of humans around these machines. Using this solution, autonomous decision making can take place to understand if a human is at risk of injury or collision. Our technology uses situational based safety algorithms, to provide a more flexible and co-operative system for a variety of industrial applications.

Using our specialised on-vehicle sensing package, the Machine Eye platform provides port operators with real-time data to support safer, more efficient port operations. Controlling machine-pedestrian interactions, vehicle tracking, and fleet management can be taken care of with a single platform, integrated to Port Operation/Surveillance centres.

Operators of mobile machines are supported with greater situational awareness, and assistance to create a safe environment throughout their daily activities. Port operators are supported in building safer, more efficient and connected ports through autonomous auditing and real time data.

The Machine Eye platform provides a variety of productivity efficiencies for ports from cost savings such as recruitment and training, sustainable revenues, reduced employee down times, improved workplace safety and improved staff retention as employees feel valued and safer in the workplace.

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