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Manufacturing businesses are inherently reliant upon mobile machinery, such as forklift trucks and material handlers, to ensure smooth operations of their business. Ensuring safe and uninterrupted operation of your forklift trucks or material handlers is key to business continuity.

Despite efforts to separate forklifts and workers from being in close contact, this is not always possible and there is always a significant risk of collision due to the configuration of warehouses, numerous distractions and coactivity between machinery drivers and operators on the ground.

The Machine Eye risk management platform utilises deep learning AI to continually assess risks and hazards associated with mobile machinery usage in manufacturing facilities and accurately identifies and interprets the movement of humans around these machines. Using this solution, autonomous decision making can take place to understand if a human is at risk of injury or collision. Our technology uses situational based safety algorithms, to provide a more flexible and co-operative system for safe, sustainable and uninterrupted manufacturing operations.

The Machine Eye platform provides operators with real time assistance, situational awareness and alarming to ensure a safe machine-pedestrian interface. The Machine Eye platform also supports management with autonomous auditing (which ensures that pedestrians do not enter “keep out” areas), and other safety critical KPIs. These are displayed to management via an interactive dashboard and reporting function.

Using Machine Eye technology, manufacturing businesses can ensure the risk to both employees and visitors from mobile machinery is reduced to a minimum.

The Machine Eye platform provides a variety of productivity efficiencies for manufacturers, from cost savings such as recruitment and training, sustainable revenues, reduced employee down times, improved workplace safety and improved staff retention as employees feel valued and safer in the workplace.

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