Brendan, who founded Machine Eye Technology while completing his final year of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast, was recently awarded one of 4 UK wide Royal Academy of Engineering Graduate Enterprise Fellowships. Brenda has been awarded an ERA Foundation Royal Academy fellowship.

The award supports Machine Eye with funding as well as networking and business support through training and mentoring, to continue developing it's innovative safety solution. The Enterprise Fellowship programme supports innovative, creative entrepreneurial engineers who have demonstrated an exceptional innovation in engineering which they want to develop further. The programme focuses on equipping the awardee with the confidence, skills, experience, and network of expert advisers necessary to enable them to develop their innovation.

On being awarded the Enterprise Fellowship Brendan says “The Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowships are very prestigious, so I am both delighted and humbled to receive this award. The training and mentorship will be vital in helping Machine Eye grow in the coming months and into the future. I would like to thank the ERA Foundation for kindly sponsoring this award.”

As part of the award, the coaching and training was also offered to Julie. She says “I’m grateful to be awarded The Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship training, offered to a co-founder, this year. Being not long out of University I know there’s a lot to learn; that there's an incredible challenge ahead; and I know that the training will be invaluable to both me and Machine Eye as we develop.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic the programme is being ran virtually with great success so far. 2021 is due to be an exciting year for Machine Eye Technology and both Brendan and Julie are delighted to be supported by, and in fellowship with, the Royal Academy of Engineering during this pivotal year.